KSSN Spotlight

KSSN Spotlight is a showcase of one of our dedicated partners or staff members who work tirelessly on behalf of children and families. This month, we are spotlighting Bill Fetterhoff, Superintendent of Godwin Heights Public Schools.

For the month of April, we are shining a bright spotlight on Bill Fetterhoff, Superintendent of Godwin Heights Public Schools. Mr. Fetterhoff, who is completing his seventh year as Godwin Heights’ superintendent, has extensive experience working in education. He began his career as a custodian with Grand Rapids Public Schools in 1979. He has also been a classroom teacher, a principal, director of school services, assistant superintendent, and adjunct professor, all prior to becoming a superintendent! Additionally, he has been a champion of community schools for many years, serving as a trustee for KSSN’s board, and most recently being voted in as our new board president.

Superintendent Fetterhoff is proud to be part of Godwin Heights, and says it is a stand-out district because of the students, parents, and staff, adding that it is his honor to participate in the education and social growth of the children. “There is nothing more fulfilling than watching kids learn. To see the joy in their eyes, the passion of the teachers and staff in facilitating their development, and the pride of the parents is unmatched!”

Mr. Fetterhoff’s hopes for education for the future are that his schools and classrooms are safe, well-funded, and continue to be staffed by teacher leaders who are given the tools and support needed to ensure their students’ success. “I am so blessed to be able to work for our community, alongside such dedicated and talented individuals. Godwin students are the best, matched only by the teachers and staff.”

When Superintendent Fetterhoff is not busy at Godwin Heights Public Schools, you can find him outdoors, especially around water. He enjoys staying active by walking and running, and says he has a “wonderful wife Linda, who has done a marvelous job raising our four children. The five of them are my pride and joy!”

We thank you, Superintendent Fetterhoff, for all that you’ve done for education in our community. You always work hard to promote the community school strategy, and are willing to do whatever it takes on behalf of kids. You are a true champion for children and youth!  


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