Abby Clayton

January 2016 KSSN Spotlight

Abby Home

For the month of January, we are spotlighting Abby Clayton, who has been our Community School Coordinator at Coit Creative Arts Academy for three years. As the Community School Coordinator, Abby’s job involves working with students, families, community partners, and staff members at Coit, in an effort to help remove barriers that may prevent students and families from reaching their fullest potential.

When asked what she loves about her school, Abby says “I absolutely LOVE Coit! The school is a gem in the city.  We have so many talented students here, as well as staff.  It really is a fun place to work.” And she knows her work is making an impact because she is helping to raise awareness in the community about real issues that exist in schools. She feels that, unless you are working on the frontlines in a school, it’s easy to not really understand what some families are going through. She says it is remarkable to see how even the most simplistic partnerships can make a huge difference to so many.

On any given day at Coit, you can find Abby meeting with students and families. She loves getting to know them better and building genuine relationships. Something that she is really proud of is Coit’s annual winter Art Night event. This is a time for the kids to show off their artwork to their families in a “gallery” setup at the school, and the families enjoy live music and food. 

When Abby is not busy as a Community School Coordinator, you can find her playing guitar and performing at open mics around the city. She is also the volunteer coach for Coit’s basketball program, and she and her husband enjoy camping and kayaking. 

Thanks, Abby, for all that you do. You are a hard worker with a true passion for social change, and the work that you do is leaving an indelible mark on the Coit neighborhood!