Brianna Vasquez de Pereira

April 2016 KSSN Spotlight


For the month of April, we are shining a bright spotlight on Brianna Vasquez de Pereira (or “Ms. Vasquez,” as she is known among her students). Brianna is our Lead Community School Coordinator at Dickinson Academy in the Grand Rapids Public Schools district.

Brianna has been with KSSN for four years, having started her work as the coordinator at Southeast Kelloggsville Elementary in the Kelloggsville Public Schools district. Recently, she made the switch to Dickinson Academy, which allows her to work more closely with the urban core. Brianna cherishes the cultural diversity found at both Dickinson and at Southeast Kelloggsville, and feels that diversity naturally allows for opportunities to dialogue, and helps to foster a more understanding and inclusive environment.

As the community school coordinator at Dickinson Academy, Brianna focuses on parental/family engagement and attendance. And, as a new staff member, she is prioritizing the building of positive relationships between herself and the students, families, and staff, while also focusing on increasing the support of community partners. When Brianna is asked what she loves most about the job, she says it is KSSN’s commitment to equity and inclusion. She is also proud of the help that she is able to provide for those in need, whether a family who struggles with housing, or a student who may just need a listening ear. 

When Brianna is not working at KSSN, you may find her indulging in one of her greatest passions, which is traveling. She has visited over 15 different countries, primarily in Latin America and Europe. Other interesting facts about Brianna are that her favorite foods are Mexican enchiladas and sushi, and prior to KSSN, she was a middle- and high-school teacher in the Grand Rapids area, Chicago, and Guatemala. Brianna says that it appears that she may never leave the school environment, and that’s just fine with her! 

Thank you, Brianna, for all your hard work at KSSN. We are excited for your journey at Dickinson Academy, and look forward to seeing all the good work you will help to foster there.