Crossroads Bible Church 

March 2016 KSSN Spotlight  

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For the month of March, we are shining the spotlight on Crossroads Bible Church. This wonderful group has been working alongside KSSN for two years now. They serve one of our partner schools, Stocking Elementary, and the surrounding community by listening to the needs of the people and working to find solutions for said needs. Creating awareness about and assisting with programs that could benefit students, staff, and families of the Stocking community is something else that Crossroads is passionate about.

When asked about his favorite parts of the job, Crossroads staff member Jeremiah Weismann talked about his love for interacting with all of the students. He also mentioned the mentorship program at Stocking called Kids Hope, saying, “It is such a joy to introduce new mentors to their students and the joy and excitement in the students' faces as they know that their mentor is there to just see and spend time with them!”  Weismann also talked about the Stocking events that happen in the Crossroads gathering center and how wonderful it is to see neighbors and families from the school come together to share a meal. Crossroads also hosted KSSN’s annual partner celebration, and were extremely welcoming and accommodating to the almost 200 community attendees.

Crossroads is creating a positive impact on the Stocking community by establishing and maintaining relationships with both students, staff, and families. Jeremiah commented on the church’s impact saying, “As our relationship with Stocking continues to develop, our hope is that we at Crossroads would be a consistent and positive presence at Stocking and in the community through mentoring, hosting Stocking events, and serving in a capacity that meets the needs of the staff, students, and their families.”

We at KSSN are so grateful for Crossroads’ continuous work to make connections with Stocking Elementary and its surrounding community, while at the same time working towards understanding and solving their needs. The past two years of partnership with Crossroads Bible Church have been wonderful, and we look forward to what we can accomplish in the future.