Meghan Aupperlee

March 2017 KSSN Spotlight

For the month of March, we are shining a bright light on Meghan Aupperlee, our community school coordinator for the student programs at the Kent Intermediate School District (Kent ISD).

Meghan, who has been with KSSN for 2.5 years, devotes her time to the students at the Kent Career Tech Center, Kent Innovation High, Kent Transition Center, MySchool@Kent, and SuccessLink. She works with student leadership groups for school climate initiatives like Be Nice and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). She also facilitates groups to fine-tune student soft-skill development, leverages community partnerships for tutoring support, and works one-on-one with students and families to access in-house and community social-emotional support.

Meghan loves the daily variety of her community school work, which keeps her challenged, energized, and “on her toes!” She also loves the opportunity to not only work with systems to create change, but also to affect individuals and families. She says she draws motivation from the students’ stories and finds ways to break down barriers and create opportunities for all students within the school community.

When asked what she is most proud of, Meghan says it is that she has been able to help build KSSN into the school culture at Kent ISD throughout the last two years. The ISD staff access the supports for their students when needed, and students see KSSN as another part of their school community that is invested in their success. Meghan says, “I LOVE the opportunities available to students here at Kent ISD!! The real-life, innovative learning experiences offered here are like no other, and a gift to our community. Staff here are experts in their field and are willing to do whatever it takes to open doors for students.”

And how does Meghan know that KSSN is having an impact? She says KSSN fills in the gaps for many students to help them overcome barriers to their academic and personal success. “By meeting basic needs, offering long-term emotional support through partnerships with clinicians, or leveraging community resources for school-wide support, the community school model offers a framework to help every student and family succeed. Our whole community wins when we work together to help one student win.”

When Meghan is not busy working with students, families, and staff at the Kent ISD, you can find her enjoying the company (“and sometimes drama”) of her three girls and husband. She also enjoys running, swimming, biking, reading, and the occasional binge watching of Netflix crime drama shows. She also says, “I’ll never turn down a good cup of coffee and company. Life is good and full.”

We are proud to feature Meghan Aupperlee as our March Spotlight. She has been an absolutely critical part in the success of our work with the Kent ISD student programs, and her expertise, passion, and voice have helped elevate our network and inspires our staff on a daily basis!