Nancy Marshall

February 2017 KSSN Spotlight

For the month of February, we are spotlighting a very special partner to KSSN, Nancy Marshall, Director of the Financial Assistance Division with Kent County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Nancy, who also serves as secretary on our Board of Directors, will be retiring on February 10, 2017, which is exactly 43 years from the first day she started with DHHS!

Kent DHHS, which has been part of KSSN since the beginning, places Success Coaches and Eligibility Specialists in 14 KSSN schools. While in the schools, the Success Coaches and Eligibility Specialists are able to work closely with families, determining eligibility for DHHS programs and helping to address school attendance barriers.  As the Director of the Financial Assistance Division, Nancy oversees staff of public assistance programs like the Family Independence Program, the Food Assistance Program, Medicaid, Child Day Care, and Emergency Relief.

When asked about her favorite part of the job, Nancy says it is when her staff feel successful and when clients are satisfied that DHHS has provided them with good customer service. She also loves the energy and enthusiasm she sees from the KSSN Success Coaches, and their enjoyment in doing place-based work at the schools.

While Nancy has an abundance of fond memories in her time with DHHS, she is most proud of her career advancement over the years. 43 years ago, she began working at Ottawa County DSS (which was the agency name at that time), in a special project for people on public assistance. After demonstrating her skill and hard-working nature, she was then hired as a Typist Clerk and assigned to the file room. After that, she was promoted to Caseworker, then Supervisor, Program Section Manager, and finally the Director over the Financial Assistance Division!

In her free time, Nancy likes to garden, scrapbook, read, camp, and go to car shows. She and her husband own a few old cars of their own, and plan to take them to different shows around the country. In retirement, she is also looking forward to traveling to destinations at her leisure, along with spending more time with her grandchildren.

Nancy, KSSN cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for children, youth, and families over the years. You are a strong proponent of KSSN and the community school model, and our work would not be nearly as effective without your support, partnership, and guidance. We hope you have a happy and well-deserved retirement!