Nazlhy Heredia

June 2016 KSSN Spotlight

Jordana & Naz
[Nazlhy Heredia (right), our KSSN Spotlight]
Jordana Seebeck, site team clinician (left), poses with
Nazlhy Heredia, community school coordinator

For the month of June, we are spotlighting Nazlhy Heredia, our community school coordinator at Lee Middle-High and East Lee Campus in the Godfrey-Lee Public Schools district. Nazlhy has been with KSSN for six years as a community school coordinator. Her job is to connect students and families to holistic resources, including basic needs, mental health, and health and human services.

Nazlhy loves being a community school coordinator in the Godfrey-Lee, a district that calls itself “FamiLEE,” and where she says love and care are embedded in the everyday actions of administrators to staff, and everyone in between. She is proud that Godfrey-Lee is a full community-schools district, and that KSSN can be found in each of their buildings, from the Early Childhood Center all the way to the high schools. Because Nazlhy works with both middle and high schoolers, she says it has given her the opportunity to nurture the students as they grow and transition to different levels of responsibility, and she loves getting to see them cross the finish line on graduation day.

When Nazlhy is not working out of one of the Godfrey-Lee school buildings, you can find her cooking for friends, gathering around a bonfire, and spending time at the lakeshore enjoying a sunset. Perhaps her most beloved pastime is being with her children. She says she is one “proud mama” and reflects back to the year 2005, when she and her children immigrated to the U.S. At that time, her son was seven years old and her daughter was eight. She feels a tremendous sense of accomplishment knowing that they were able to overcome the struggles of learning a different language and getting acclimated to a new culture.  

Today, Nazlhy has as much passion for her work with KSSN as she did six years ago when she first started as a community school coordinator. She always has “yes” in her heart (a mantra for those in community school work) and she never shies away from the hard work that needs to be done to aid a student or family in need. Thank you for all that you do, Nazlhy!