Ron Koehler

August 2016 KSSN Spotlight

For the month of July, we are shining a bright spotlight on Ron Koehler, Assistant Superintendent for Organizational and Community Initiatives for the Kent Intermediate School District (Kent ISD). Ron is an integral part of our history, as he served on the Kent County Family and Children’s Coordinating Council school-age youth subcommittee that developed KSSN! In fact, KSSN was under Ron’s direct guidance for the first several years, and when our executive director wasn’t working out of her kitchen, you could often find her utilizing a space in the ISD! Today, as a 501(c)(3), we still couldn’t function without the ISD’s support, as our administrative office is located on their campus, and we utilize many of their services on a daily basis. And Ron still provides KSSN with excellent guidance, serving as our board treasurer, enthusiastic champion, and mentor.

At the ISD, Ron and his department serve as the liaison between the public school system and the broader community. Ron works with business, philanthropic, and political communities to represent the Kent ISD, the schools, and the students. His department also provides a wide array of consulting, communications, marketing, and crisis communication support to the different districts. 

Even after 20 years with the ISD, Ron still finds excitement and joy in what he does. He says his favorite part of the job is working in collaboration with schools and the community to create new opportunities for students. He also enjoys actively listening to all segments of the community and working with the schools to meet their needs and to fulfill their expectations of public education. When asked what he is proudest of, Ron says, “So many things.” He is proud of his work with KSSN, as well as with the West Michigan Talent Triangle and School News Network. He is also proud and grateful to have the opportunity to represent the Kent ISD and to give life to their “vision of being the community’s first choice for educational support services.”

When Ron isn’t busy juggling his multiple responsibilities with the Kent Intermediate School District and with KSSN, you can find him writing or listening to music. He says he also has an abiding interest in politics, and he and his wife, Jeanne, dabble in competitive barbecuing under the team name of “Let’s Get Sauced!” 

To sum up why we selected Ron for our August Spotlight, we’ll share some words that he imparted, “In the words of author and consultant Richard Harwood, I’d like to think I am able to work with others to identify the aspirations we share for our children, and for our community, and to work with those varied interests to build a stronger future for our children and for our region.”

Thank you, Ron, for all that you do. It is our honor to recognize you as our August Spotlight!